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Brass. Fabric.
My Final Project.

Câliner - Made for two.

Câliner (pronounced Ca-li-neh) means to kiss and cuddle in French. I designed this piece of furniture for two people to facilitate warmth and closeness.

My project started out through my interest in romance and tender, intimate relationships. I want to understand the most basic human needs; touch, silence, being together, even being silently together. I wanted to see if I could arouse and address those needs through design?

Our busy, modern life can make it impossible to reserve quality time with our loved ones. I created a place where two can meet, a sanctuary for a loving couple. Câliner is a Chaise-lounge, made from two opposite but complimentary surfaces, making it a perfect place for two to cuddle into.

Ironically Câliner will become part of our routine, part of our hectic lives and will serve different needs. But at the end of the day, when we finally need our moment, Câliner will be the place where you and your beloved can attain peace, intimacy and closeness.

My Final Project.

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